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We live in a colourful and diverse world, and today, we’d like to invite you into ours. Welcome, as we enjoy some fics of a different colour!


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As I typed on my laptop one day, my hubby gave me The Eye – meaning the house was getting to that state of disarray classified as embarrassingly messy. I climbed out of the indentation in the couch and commenced the domestic drudgery. It turned out to be a good thing, however, as I was attacked by a rabid plot bunny that had been hiding at the bottom of four loads of laundry.

I had been thinking the previous day’s trip to the barn and one particular palomino mare (think Trigger – golden coat with snow white mane). She was ‘in heat’ and acting like a nympho by squealing, kicking, and pushing her rear end up to the horse in neighboring stall, who, by the way, happened to be her mother’s full brother.

Then I thought of my first horse and how she acted like that, except every day from March to September. I remembered one embarrassing incident where she displayed her, uh, licentious tendencies right in the middle of a horse show class. It was a fairly traumatic situation for the easily-humiliated 13-year-old girl I happened to be.

When I recalled how my horse often was the dominant member of our duo, I immediately imagined Rosalie in her place – a female who knows what she wants and has no qualms about letting the world know. She uses her feminine wiles to her advantage and will roll over anyone who doesn’t stand up to her.

Enter Bella: the socially awkward new girl in town who just wants to fit in. This is made more difficult by her brash, eccentric mother, Renee. She is convinced that the best way for Bella to get over her insecurities is by being thrown headfirst into a difficult situation – namely, learning to handle the headstrong Rose.

To make matters worse, Bella gets her first crush on fellow student Edward Cullen – a quiet, reserved young man who has a gift for working with difficult horses. Bella desperately wants Edward to notice her, and he does…for all the wrong reasons. A combination of misguided choices and unlucky events, both in and out of school, puts Bella on public display in an often embarrassing manner, and she becomes convinced her senior year will be a complete disaster.

I’m so excited to write this, especially since I’ll be drawing quite a bit on my own experiences as a teen with a, um, witchy mare. This will be a lighter story with minimal angst, except for your typical teenage apocalyptic, world-ending drama – like falling down the stairs in front of the ‘cool’ kids! I’d also love to incorporate some reader experiences into the story. I’m sure there are some great tales of high school woe out there!


A Horse of A Different Color: Bella is the new arrival in town, and having an infamously lewd mare isn’t helping her gain any friends. Maybe a quiet young horse whisperer can tame the beast and teach the girl how to love herself, even when she doesn’t fit in with the herd. M Romance/Humor B/E



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When TheFicChick sent me the first chapter of Infinite Visibility, which is really the prologue, I cried. In fact, the note I sent her back said, “You’re gonna want a big ole warning on this one. If I teared up that much in the prologue…all the tears.”

She then went on to tell me, “It’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows.” Yeah, understatement.

But despite actively avoiding reading angst, and having not really liked Remember Me—and never intending to see it again—or New Moon, which I have only read all the way through once, preferring to skip the Jacob section on rereads, I knew I wasn’t going to let a few tears (OK, maybe buckets…) stop me from making sure when it was the reader’s turn to pull out the tissues, they didn’t stumble over any farther/further/father confusion. And between me, you, and the fence post, TheFicChick doesn’t make many mistakes, thus making my job very easy, and enabling me to write margin notes about how much I love mac & cheese on a stick (which is totally a thing and very tasty. You get a sense of my beta notes, which I mainly write to cheer both of us up during heavy passages.)

This is a special fic. So special I wish it wasn’t a fic and was instead a book that you could buy in a bookstore or on Amazon, because the emotion evoked and the beauty of the words deserve to be experienced by anyone who has loved and lost and loved and maybe lost again. (And I’m crying again. This story does that to me. Repeatedly.)

TheFicChick gets emails and PMs and tweets asking, nay begging, her not to tell this story the way canon prescribes. And I’m sure there are a lot of readers who saw the first chapter and the disclaimer and decided to stay the hell away from Infinite Visibility entirely. But that’s a mistake. Because this story of Bella (and without question, it is Bella’s story) will make you cry and laugh and think and weep and believe in the power of a good storyteller’s ability to open your mind to a world you would have never considered without her words.

You’ll notice I didn’t say much about the plot. That wasn’t an accident. This story deserves to be read with no preconceived notions, or pairing preferences, or prejudices, or spoilers. Infinite Visibility needs to be read because it’ll make you reevaluate the meaning of fanfiction.


Infinite Visibility: “Bella, I’m not perfect.” “I’ve loved perfect before, and he broke me anyway.” (A “Twilight”/”Remember Me” crossover.) M (WIP)



Want everyone to know your current or most-loved fic ever? Then give us a One Liner via the submission form! 

LadyN: Ruthless and Ivory by MujerN (Complete) Best action fic ever! Very hot, sexy darkward and other characters. Bumpy ride at first but it get wayyy better. Pretty amazing. ~ The full story to the Red Ribbon assassin-Finalist to Tattward and Inkella Contest: She finds every corpse he hides. She follows every trail he leaves behind. A ribbon. A clue. A crime. She doesn’t know he’ll do anything to keep her alive. M Drama/Crime E/B

Lella: All the Wild Horses  by  elusivetwilight (Complete) A sweet, tender story about two people coasting along in life who find hope in each other. ~ In her suffocating small hometown, Bella Swan meets widowed Edward Cullen. Can she pull him from the depths of his grief? Is there enough of him left to soothe her clawing loneliness? AUAH M Romance/Angst E/B

Maria WhitlockCullen: The Ace of Spades by m81170 (Complete) A twisty-turny story that keeps you guessing, it’s only five chapters, but it packs a big punch; brothers competing in high stakes, only one can win, but maybe the price is too high to pay. ~It started out as game, but she was my match in every way. Love crept up on lust and knocked me off my throne. Unfortunately, the stakes of my game were too high and the cost was almost more than I could bear. Drama/Angst M B/E

mrseamasen: Deep in the Heart by amoredjenaue (Complete) I seriously love anything that amordejenaue has written, but Deep in the Heart holds a special place in my heart…the imagery, the atmosphere, the tension…it’s amazing! Edward finds his old self back on the ranch while Bella finds her new self, it’s such a great read. ~Edward Masen thought he left Texas long ago. But when his family’s ranch faces ruin, he returns to the only place he has ever called home. Will a big city accountant be able to help him save the ranch? Or will she help him discover something much deeper? Romance/Drama M E/B

That’sMzPeachesTYVM: Flightless Bird by Cotnut (WIP) I am loving the mystery and intrigue that Cotnut is dishing out, and already cheering the recently introduced hero.  ~What would you do if you were on the run and no matter where you went, you were still found? What would you do if those that loved you lost something in return? Tragedy/Romance M B/C

Many thanks to LadyN, Lella, Maria WhitlockCullen, mrseamasen and That’sMzPeachesTYVM!


Made by Fallingsnow Winter
Made by Fallingsnow Winter

When I get an idea to make a banner for a story, I like to think it brings the story’s words to life in my eyes, and seeing the characters and places brings a clearer visual of the story!

Above is my vision of the Lost by mamasutra.

Bella Swan is not normal, but that’s okay, as this is not your normal fic. This otherworldly story makes me ask questions – interesting ones. I’m intrigued by what some of the characters’ parts in the story will turn out to be, by an Edward with a black sense of humor, and a fascinating Jasper I’ve never seen the like of before!

Fallingsnow Winter

The Lost: Bella Swan was not normal. She had been born with the gift of seeing the dead, but to her it was a curse. She had sworn off her abilities as she returned to her hometown to live out her final year of high school in an attempt at being normal, but nothing is normal when you are the one hope at redemption for the spirit of a lost boy. *paranormal romance & drama* M B/E (WIP)



Hello LAlaland (Lost is LALaland), the debut novella from Madi Merek, may have published on the 1st of April, but believe us, there is nothing foolish about spending £0.77 or $1.28 of your hard-earned cash on this sexy romance.

Winifred Chapmen, a successful career woman, is lured by her ten-year high school reunion to return from New York to LA; LAlaland in her mind, as she has little regard for the majority of its inhabitants. She is a strong character, knows what she wants, from both life and men, and isn’t afraid to take it.

Anthony Ricci, the object of her high school desire, successful, sexy, with a commanding presence, also flies in to LA for the same event. Let’s just say the games commence – push and pull, power and surrender, the battle between love and lust!

LAlaland is a quick, light, girly read with likeable characters who are so passionate they make sparks fly! If you like romance, it’s sure to put a smile on your face!

I’m inspired by this tumultuous world we live in. Each day is full of angst and conflict and hope. It’s a beautiful thing, this vicious, swirling life, and each of us find our truest selves in its earnest insanity. From roses weeping blood of loss, to mountains towering as thrones above us, this is where I find my inspiration. This is the paint brush of writing.”

Madi Merek

Amazon UK Author website


Made by Chocaholic123
Made by Chocaholic123

Back in August last year Sparrownotes24 and I had an idea. “Let’s write a WitFit,” we said. “Let’s promise to write only 200 words each on alternate days and see where the story goes.”

We wrote three chapters.

Fast forward seven months, and I’m looking to get in some more writing practice. At the moment, I have two original novels I’m editing, which is great, but I’m hankering to write, too. In fact, it hurts not to be writing. So, I look through the old files in my GDocs and find these three, short chapters.

Cue plot bunny.

Sparrownotes24 kindly lets me take the bunny and run. Which is kind of funny, since our own ‘Bunny’ is currently in hibernation. But that’s life!

So, I start writing the story again, one WitFit at a time. Except sometimes I’m too excited to wait for a WitFit to come through, so I write that chapter without one. Which is probably cheating but…meh.

Then the lovely Midnight Cougar offers to help me with my spelling and grammar. Because she knows that sucks. (I said that not her. *grins*) Now, here we are, two *cough* young lassies, having fun with a bit of canon and an intense, troubled Professor .

Just to give you a little idea about the story. It’s all human, canon elements, a drabble-type fic—it started out at 200 word chapters, but now, after writing 15 chapters, we’re at around 500 words per chapter. I’m very wordy! And I’m trying to get back to Twific roots. So, I’m writing a tortured Edward, younger Bella, and a story that gets you by the gut.

Here’s the summary: A tortured professor consumed by a secret. A quiet student who catches his eye. He’s barely existing. She’s young and innocent. When she enters his hellish world, it shifts…again. AH. Short drabblish chapters from WitFit prompts.

So, that’s it, really. Except to say thank you to the FicSisters for their kind support. To Sparrow for letting me run with our story. And to MC who sends me lovely messages in the middle of the night. Love you all.




Made by TKegl
Made by TKegl

The FicSisters love nothing more than a well-told, sweet romance. Boxing Out is a beautiful tale of boy Copward meets girl in a real, but fabulously atmospheric backdrop of New York, surrounded by a family full of characters, loved by good friends, and finding their way through life together.

This story is fresh, modern, warm, and is like being wrapped in a giant burrito. Edward and Bella are normal, lovely, humourous and charming – you’ll want to live in their neighbourhood and visit with them. Edward’s thoughts will make you giggle and you’ll find Bella’s insecurities endearing because they are relatable. Small town girl meets confident New York Cop. Yeah…there may be swooning involved!

It’s a delicious slice of yumminess minus the predictable – fall in love with this fabulous story of people just like us.

We invited MeilleurCafe -aka Serendipitous- to share a few words about her story with us:

“I started this fic because I wanted to write a story about two people who were lucky enough to find each other in a huge city. I also wanted to do something on a small scale – no grand plot, no major angst – that would help readers feel good, without the story being overly fluffy.
I hope I’ve achieved that. I want to see my Edward and Bella stay happy and in love, and I think “Boxing Out’s” readers do, too. The characters learn a few lessons along the way, but in the end that only makes it sweeter.”
Boxing Out: Bella is a little lost while trying to make a new life in the Big Apple. Edward is a Manhattan police officer who knows it to the core. They meet at court. Will this new romance be a slam dunk? AH M Romance/Humor B/E (WIP)

Many thanks to Winterhorses, HollettLA, Fallingsnow Winter, and Chocaholic for joining us today. And thank you, dear readers, we hope you’ve found a fic of a different colour you’d love to take home with you today.


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